How We Source Our Hemp

Our hemp is 100% Australian grown and we produce it on farms that are owned completely by Australian people.

This is something that we have decided to do in order to give back to the communities who have treated us so great over the years.

Why support a foreign entity or Chinese or American owned business like so many of these other hemp companies?

We are simply not into doing that.

hemp plants

Whether the farm is located in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, or another Aussie territory, we make sure to source our hemp from this country in order to support this community and employ many people.

If you are interested in working with us, make sure to check out our careers/jobs page which will be going up soon.

Australian CBD Oils® is always on the hunt for qualified new staff.

Why Aussie Hemp Is The Best

In other regions of the earth, the hemp quality is low, and the CBD content is also low so the overall concentration of the final product is not as pure- OR the ratio of terpenes and cannabinoids is simply not optimal.

Here at Australian CBD Oils® (ACO) we strive to get rid of all of that garbage in our own products.

hemp farm new south wales

The only thing we look forward to every morning is waking up and checking on our crop.

And our plants grow the tallest because we fertilize them properly and make sure the soil they are planted in is getting the optimal nutrients for stem, leaf, xylum, and root growth.

We have acquired raw material from various sources over the years.

All of the cannabinoids and terpenes located within these plants(including both the stalk and the leaves- as well as the bud/flower) are very pure as a result because we are not piling on a bunch of unnatural GMOs, hormones, or chemical pesticides.

Types Of Cannabis Plants Used In CBD Production

There are several different types of cannabis plants commonly used in the CBD industry:

1.) Sativa – Cannabis sativa is mostly used for creating THC-centric products in the marijuana industry, and only rarely used to extract cannabidiol from.

2.) Indica – Cannabis indica is high in CBD but also contains THC. This plant strain is popular among medical MJ producers as well as cannabidiol manufacturers.

3.) Ruderalis – Cannabis ruderalis is generally a smaller plant that many describe as “stocky”. It is generally less rich in psychoactive components, including CBD. Ruderalis has historically been used for non-medicinal cannabis applications such as rope.

Here at Australian CBD Oils we use all 3 cannabis plant strains to produce various products, but the one we use most is Cannabis indica because it has a great broad-spectrum profile that we want with only a negligible amount of THC.