Bluebird Botanicals CBD Oil Review

Bluebird Botanicals is a fantastic company based in Louisville, Colorado.

It is one of the oldest CBD products manufacturer and vendor in the world. It started doing it before opportunistic entrepreneurs invaded the industry.

They are a trusted brand and have great quality hemp oil products.

The company also provides fast shipping to most destinations around the world. However, despite its many positives, some say the company’s hemp oil tastes bitter.

In this review, we will discuss this taste, the pros and cons, the company’s products, its important details and ratings. In the end, you should be able to conclude if they are good enough for you to buy from them.


  • The company is trusted by hundreds of thousands
  • The company won the Hemp CBD brand of the year in 2016
  • Bluebird botanicals has an excellent quality control program to ensure all its products are of premium quality
  • They accept dozens of different kinds of payment options
  • They have discounts for first time buyers, veterans and the disabled
  • Powerful and very effective dietary supplements to treat various ailments (even though many governments don’t yet approve of CBD oils being marketed as medicines despite the mounting scientific proof).
  • They also have pet products


  • Possibly bitter tasting hemp extract for some people (though the company reasons that this is because their products don’t have any sweeteners or additives)
  • The management or the ownership of the company is not detailed on the website

Current Bluebird Promos

20% off Promo: If you’ve never shopped at Bluebird Botanicals before, you can now enjoy a discount of 20% off your first retail order.

The coupon code to use is “first-time” and it is valid for only one use. Simply enter the letters without the quotes during checkout and the discount will be instantly applied to your order.

Assistance program: If you have a document from the government that proves your income is below the federal poverty level, you could get a discount from the online store.

The same goes for veterans and those who are disabled as long as they can prove their status or conditions.

Available Bluebird CBD Oil Products

Hemp extracts

If you are looking for hemp oil that is perfect for general wellbeing, look no more! This is exactly the product you have been looking for.

Why is it perfect for general wellbeing? Because it includes a variety of cannabinoids including CBD, CBN, CBC-A, CBG-A, CBG and CBC. All of these cannabinoids provide useful health benefits on their own and on a synergistic level.

The extract also contains terpenes, ketones, trace minerals, omega fatty acids, vitamins and other important compounds that also benefit the human body in a variety of ways.

The only problem with these hemp extracts is the fact that some may taste bitter to some users. Thus, they encourage users who don’t like the taste to mix the extract with applesauce or any smoothie to neutralize the bitterness.

Click here for more information about the hemp extracts.

Bluebird Hemp Classic
Bluebird Hemp Classic


These isolates contain only cannabidiol. No terpenes or any other cannabinoids.

The isolates are guaranteed to contain between 96 percent and 99.9 percent of cananbidiol.

They are best for those suffering from chronic pain and insomnia. However, you should not take this as medical advice but as educational information.

Ask a medical professional before switching medication or starting to use CBD for a serious condition.

Hemp Capsules

Bluebird Botanicals also has cannabidiol infused soft gel capsules like many major brands in the business. However, there are several differences between these CBD capsules and those you might find elsewhere.

Our main site’s homepage which is showcases some of our finest ideas on CBD.

First, these capsules are pure. By that we mean they are GMO-free, sweetener-free, and gluten-free.

Second, the products are independently tested. The results of the tests are published on the site. This means you can be confident that the product you are using is of the best quality available by simply looking at the results.

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Bluebird Hemp Extract CBD capsules
Bluebird Hemp Extract CBD capsules

Vape Oil

If you like vaping, then you will love the fact that Bluebird Botanicals also carries a quality cannabidiol vape juice available in two strengths – 333 mg and 1,000 mg.

The juice tastes pleasantly smooth and can be mixed with other flavors.

It is definitely an exciting way to take your daily dose of CBD.

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Pet Products

The company aptly calls its pet products “companion CBD products”, which is great considering the great mutual friendships and attachment we all have with our pets.

There are also companion oil and companion capsules. Both have strong concentrations of many types of useful cannabinoids that can really improve your pet’s overall wellbeing.

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Hemp Clothing and Accessories

If you would like to show your support for the hemp industry and to financially promote the good people behind the hemp oil business, you can also buy hemp clothing and accessories at Bluebird Botanicals.

Hemp clothing are ultra-soft and more comfortable than cotton. They are also more environment-friendly and cheaper on this site.

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Company Details

Company Name:

Gaia Botanicals / Bluebird Botanicals LTD


(720) 726-5132



US: Bluebird Botanicals, 500 S Arthur Ave., Suite 300, Louisville, CO 80027, United States

UK: Bluebird Botanicals LTD, 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9JQ, United Kingdom

Business Hours:

Monday-Friday 9-5 MT

Some Reviews and Ratings

Cannabist Awards: The Company won the Hemp CBD Company of the Year in 2016. This is a big award given at the annual Marijuana Business Conference and Expo.

The Cannabist is a publication of the Denver Post and an authoritative source of hemp and marijuana news.

The award won by this company is given to the brightest companies that are setting the bar high in terms of industry standards.

Facebook ratings: Bluebird Botanicals is one of the few CBD product manufacturers that have a verified Facebook page. This means we can be sure that we can be sure of the identity of the page.

The company’s page has a Facebook rating of 4.8/5 stars. This is probably the highest rating especially considering the significant number of reviewers who have contributed to the rating (245 reviewers).

Most Facebook users rave in their comments about the company’s CBD tinctures and other products. Moreover, most seem surprised about the effectiveness which is a good thing.

There are some negative comments about the taste. But as we all know taste is really based on individual preference and not much else.

Other websites: Other websites give the site a similar rating of around 4.7 out of 5 stars. Hence based on these ratings, it is clear to us that most people who have used Bluebird products are in general agreement about the effectiveness and safety of the products.