About Us

Here at Australian CBD Oils® we believe in creating organic hemp and cannabis oil products that improve the health of people in Australia and all over the world.

We consult heavily with Project CBD to research the bio-science behind cannabidiol and other cannabinoids.

We have a huge passion and genuine interest in learning all about the various cannabinoids and terpenes contained in these plants and learning the best and most efficient ways of extracting them.

hemp oil edibles

We want to not only put these wonderful ingredients in our products, but also bring the information to the masses and show Aussies how they can utilize these natural remedies to get better results with their health and wellness.

The Australian CBD Oils® Team (A.C.O Staff)

We have an experienced team of cannabis experts and people who have a passion for hemp.

Some of our staff is also just seeking to better the world through natural organic plant-based remedies.

Our people excel in a variety of specific disciplines and that is why we chose them to compliment our business efforts and further our mission.

Dean Eagar

Dean Eagar


Mr. Eagar is the long-standing original founder of Australian CBD Oils® and he is dedicated to his vision here at https://carpocbd.com.au/.

His main mission is to make all-natural hemp & cannabis extract products available to all Aussies who need them.

Matilda McKelvey

Matilda McKelvey

Product Development

Matilda is our resident expert in all things product development.

She works tirelessly to make sure our formulations are the latest and greatest in terms of CBD extraction technology and compound makeup.

Nathan Hawken

Nathan Hawken

Quality Control

An expert in micro-management, over-analyzation, and attention-to-detail, Nathan excels in the quality control department due to these traits.

Mr. Hawken makes sure that all of our products are completely clean, free of contaminants, and held to high potency standards.

Of course, Nathan conducts his own testing to determine cannabidiol concentrations and levels of certain other compounds in our finished products and raw materials, but he also ships samples to the 3rd-party CBD lab testing company that we use.

This way we are always sure of the quality, safety, and potency of our products because our testing process is extensive and always involves a third party CBD testing lab.

Julian Dyer

Julian Dyer

Research Department

Julian conducts research on all things cannabis and the science behind cannabidiol in order to ensure that our products and site content are completely up-to-speed in the world of hemp.

As soon as any new development in research comes out on CBD, she is all over it and reporting her findings back to us.

thomas kendall

Thomas Kendall

Blog Content Writer

Tom is a great writer that produces product descriptions and information, labels for our product packaging, articles on the site, and blog content.

He has been with us for years and is a personal cannabis enthusiast himself(which is great because all of his content is super on-point as a result!).

How Australian CBD Oils® (A.C.O) Is Changing The World

The ACO team is on a mission to spread all-natural and safely produced hemp products to people who need them, whether that’s here in Australia or anywhere else on this planet.

cannabis plant budding

We love to study budding cannabis plants, hemp growing techniques, and all of the various processes involved in extracting cannabinoids and producing end-products such as edibles, tinctures, gummies, and even other miscellaneous items like dog leashes or hemp flour.

cbd extraction equipment

We have the latest and greatest in terms of state-of-the-art equipment right here in our processing facility where we process many raw grams of cannabidiol per day.

Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions for us by using our contact page.

We have been working tirelessly over the past few years to develop the biggest, best, and baddest in hemp and CBD products for all the kiwis out there that want to experience the benefits of these amazing plants and plant-derived products.

Our all-natural, non-GMO, and 100% organic hemp is farmed from the cleanest facilities on the market and we use double-layer extraction methods to produce the best cannabidiol tinctures available today.

Our Australia-based team is always researching the best ways to provide our AU customer base with the best CBD products that suit their needs and deliver results.

Get a hold of us at our contact page if you have anything you are curious about regarding our current offerings(also if you have a suggestion for what we should include in the future, be sure to mention that to us as well).

About Our CBD Extraction Process

Here at c1.purecoreleaf.com we are always staying up-to-date on the latest techniques for manufacturing Cannabidiol products from start-to-finish.

Here is a little helpful info that will help you understand how we process organic hemp plants into the wonder that is our CBD oil collection:

cbd extraction with co2

CO2-Based CBD Extraction

CO2-based CBD extraction is “Generally Regarded As Safe” by many health organizations around the world.

We use state-of-the-art equipment in order to perform this process and we have all of the needed safety gear and premium equipment to ensure a completely clean finished product.

Short Path Distillation

We have both 1.) products that use SPD(Short Path Distillation) and 2.) products that do not use SPD.

In order to produce a broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD oil, we mostly use non-SPD extraction methods.

However, we do offer products that use this method if you are looking for a more pure CBD isolate(meaning you do not care about getting CBG, CBN, etc. which is what a full or broad-spectrum cannabis extract provides).

What To Expect In The Future

Soon we are planning on releasing a new line of capsules and also a collection of CBD edibles.

Stay tuned so you can get a chance to sample them first when they come out!